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illustration of fuzzy handcuffs Meet the kinky, female-friendly porn providers targeted by U.K. censors
Several BDSM sites have been forced to remove content.
Surgical team in operating room How Tinder can help you save someone’s life
Your heart is no longer the only vital organ involved.
Donald Trump pointing to himself, the only person in the world who matters. 200,000 sign petition to ban Donald Trump from the U.K.
The country has banned other Americans before.
Goole isn't Google Goole, England, unveils own search engine to counter Google confusion
This town was tired of being mistaken for Google so they built their own search engine.
grilled cheese Woman sets her kitchen on fire with Facebook tip for cooking grilled cheese
This sandwich is fire—literally.
Men drinking in a flood Brits casually share a pint in their flooded beer garden
Winston Churchill would be proud.