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capcom pro tour logo on top of street fighter V art Big changes are coming to the Capcom Pro Tour in 2016
Most Street Fighter fans knew that the Pro Tour would be a big deal in 2016. Now we know just how big.
EVO Mash Up 10 takeaways from the EVO 2016 lineup reveal
EVO's game list and venues mark big changes going forward.
EVO Mash Up Street Fighter V, 2 Smash Bros. titles highlight EVO 2016 lineup
Inclusion of 'Pokken' and the exclusion of 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' among the biggest shockers.
Street Fighter V Capcom announces story mode for Street Fighter V
Capcom has announced story mode in a new trailer.
EVO Mash Up Why EVO may lose its spot as the biggest event in fighting games
The rise of the Capcom Pro Tour and other circuits are changing the world of fighting games.
Want to play Street Fighter like a pro? Better master these basics first
A video by YouTube channel GuileWinQuote explains some basic concepts of fighting games.