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street fighter five art Justin Wong wins second Capcom Pro Tour event of the year
Julio comes up just short in first event under the Echo Fox banner
Capcom Pro Tour Three Questions for the Northwest Majors
What to watch for when the Capcom Pro Tour returns to center stage.
Echo Fox are getting into the fighting game community, sign SFV player Julio Fuentes Echo Fox gets into fighting games, sign SFV player Julio Fuentes
He’ll be competing as a member of Echo Fox at DreamHack Austin.
evo 2016 street fighter Street Fighter V tournament at Evo 2016 surpasses 4,000 entrants
The largest event in fighting game history keeps getting larger
Ryu Street Fighter V CPT PlayStation's Spanish esports league will host a Capcom Pro Tour event
Sony’s officially-sanctioned Spain-based esports league is putting FGC in the spotlight.
Ken Street Fighter V Phenom and Julio get breakthrough wins on the Capcom Pro Tour
They took home trophies at Frogbyte and Texas Showdown, respectively