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Get in the holiday spirit with this hardcore Street Fighter sweater

Time to KO.


Imad Khan

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With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to stock up on winter wear.

Tacky sweaters have always been a quintessential part of the holidays, and it’s no different for Street Fighter fans. Sadly, they’ve have had to wear embarrassing Santa and Rudolph sweaters that failed to accurately represent their passion for the Hadouken.

It’s a Christmas miracle! Now fans can wear this awesome Street Fighter sweater.

Yellow Bulldog

You can buy this sweater for £35 quid, or around $55 dollars from Yellow Bulldog or Amazon UK. Also, it’s not a print, it’s all fully knitted. Your Grandma will probably need to step her game up or find a new hobby.

H/T Geekology | Images via Yellow Bulldog

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