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Peggy Carter

Agent Carter Gun PicWhy Marvel's 'Agent Carter' deserves a second season
Peggy Carter may be the main character, but her costars are not to be missed.
Haylee Atwell in Agent CarterFuture of Marvel's 'Agent Carter' in doubt as ratings sag despite fan enthusiasm
The show inspired an obsessive fanbase. Can those fans give it renewal-worthy ratings?
Hayley Atwell in Agent Carter Here are 5 reasons why you need to watch Marvel's 'Agent Carter'
Here's why a 1940s comic book spinoff is this week's must-watch TV.
Agent CarterMeet Peggy's pistol and her roommate in new 'Agent Carter' clip
Time for 500 fanfics about what it's like to be Peggy Carter's 1940s BFF.
Man Writing Coulson Equation on Chalkboard'Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.' clip hints at a crucial new storyline
Is this an introdcution to the Inhumans?
agent peggy carterMarvel teases 'Agent Carter' with a new scene featuring Howard Stark
With Agent Carter, Marvel is going for a very retro dynamic.
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