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new zealand

pot cloud New Zealand cops got people stoned by torching a massive pile of weed
Guess 4/20 comes early down under.
hit in face with dildo Watch this New Zealand politician get nailed in the face with a giant dildo
On the upside—hey, free dildo!
Weird frogfish What is this mysterious New Zealand sea creature?
It was found in the New Zealand bay.
New Zealand says U.S. can extradite alleged piracy mastermind Kim Dotcom
This doesn't bode well for Dotcom, one of the United States' top Internet-piracy targets.
afk Wake up in the video game with new webseries 'AFK'
'AFK' director Peter Haynes on his gaming-centric new series.
air new zealand men in black We'd never ignore Air New Zealand's new 'Men In Black' safety video
You'll surely remember this one.