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harry potter

J.K. Rowling's thoughts on Snape cause Harry Potter fandom meltdown
This fight is more predictable than Snape's unrequited love for Lily.
Hermione rap battle Hermione and Katniss face off in a magically awesome rap battle
Katniss has street smarts, but Hermione's vocab is still bigger.
daniel radcliffe tfa Daniel Radcliffe needs to pick a costume for his 'Star Wars' midnight screening
He's already making plans to see the movie.
dursleys In defense of the American word for 'muggle' in the new 'Harry Potter' spinoff
The new word is nothing compared to real Jazz Age slang terms like 'wurp' and 'spifflicated.'
'Harry Potter' fan details why the robes in the movies are all wrong
After reading this, you'll want to trade in your house robes for something a little more 18th-century.