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Archive Team
The Kernel
The guerrilla archivists saving the Internet’s dying websites from oblivion
When websites fail, too often they’re lost forever, taking a little bit of Internet history with them. ArchiveTeam is a group of volunteers looking to change that.
Presented by The Kernel lets you browse the Internet like it's 1999
Browsing like it's 1999.
geocities.jpg (1440×720) The death and life of great Internet cities
For 15 years, Geocities was the world's one and only Internet city. Then it disappeared. But why?
undefined Are you ready for the return of GeoCities?
Like a pixelated phoenix rising from the ashes of discarded floppy discs, GeoCities is back. Meet NeoCities.
undefined AnimatedText makes pop culture phrases actually pop
Catherine Frazier's Tumblr marries Geocities nostalgia with modern text lingo.