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7d0966a8dc4f5c28822927ff01566b3e.jpg (1024×512) Freedom Hosting operator Eric Marques uses autism as a defense
The FBI has described Eric Marques as 'the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet.'
smashed monitor on ground Man busted in FBI child-porn site hacking sting gets 1 year in prison
Many of the details have been shrouded in mystery.
tor_suspects_final.png (1032×529) The real chink in Tor's armor
The police have hundreds of Tor users in the past eight years. Is there a flaw in the system? 
7d0966a8dc4f5c28822927ff01566b3e.jpg (1024×512) Alleged Freedom Hosting owner can't challenge extradition to U.S.
The court won't tell him why, either.
FBI | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The FBI is using captured TorMail emails in criminal investigations
If you ever used TorMail, the FBI is making its way through your inbox. 
top-ten-deep-web.png (1440×720) The year the Deep Web went mainstream
The meteoric rise and ultimate fall of Silk Road cast a new light on the role of technology in the war on drugs.