Kacey Anderson in front of soccer field with green to blue vertical gradient Passionfruit Remix

Twitch streamer Kacey ‘Kacee’ Anderson takes stage as lead correspondent at the eMLS Cup at SXSW

Kacey Anderson spoke to Passionfruit about her experience with the eMLS as its first woman content creator.

On by Steven Asarch

curacao presser future goals students

In an era of soccer cynicism, a legendary European club partners with a resort chain in Curacao to teach kids and clean the ocean

On by Kristi Eaton


EA under fire after personal FIFA player information leaked

‘What a mess.’

On by Nahila Bonfiglio

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EA Sports turns teen who survived brain cancer into an all-star in FIFA ’17

You can play as Kenton Doust. And wait until you see his rating.

On by Ramon Ramirez

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Gaming YouTubers charged with breaking British gambling law

Gambling with video game currencies can get you into real-world legal trouble.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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College bro turns FIFA-obsessed roommate into Instagram art project

Fifaroommate likes: FIFA. Doesn’t like: Changing his shirt.

On by Jay Hathaway

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EA is having the biggest video game sale of the year right now

Some of the best video games are 75 percent off right now.

On by Christine Burkson

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Teen racks up $8,000 on dad’s credit card by playing FIFA

The credit card company and Xbox aren’t retracting the charge.

On by Gabe Bergado

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Former NFL star Chad Johnson Ubers to stranger’s house for FIFA 15 duel

When Chad Johnson issues a challenge on Twitter, he’s usually serious.

On by Josh Katzowitz

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Congress demands FIFA stop paying female soccer players 40 times less than men

The 2015 Women’s World Cup prize money was one-fourth the payout to the losing men’s team.

On by Mary Emily O’Hara

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Alex Morgan will represent #USWNT on historic FIFA 16 cover

EA has announced that the cover for FIFA 16 will feature female athletes in some territories.

On by Imad Khan

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British comedian showers corrupt FIFA head Sepp Blatter with cash

The stunt delayed the press conference for 10 minutes.

On by Michelle Jaworski

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The U.S. women’s soccer team broke the Internet—so why can’t we pay them fairly?

All that attention on social media needs to start addressing the elephant in the room.

On by Anna Aagenes

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These 16 out players made Canada ’15 the most lesbian World Cup in history

Let’s celebrate the most lesbian World Cup in history with these romantic photos.

On by Mary Emily O’Hara

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England celebrates its women’s soccer team in the worst way possible

Women can be professionals or family members, but they can’t be both at once.

On by Michelle Jaworski

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