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illustration of gavel ACLU seeks to join Microsoft lawsuit over customer data secretly acquired by feds
Microsoft says it has received nearly 2,600 secret data requests over the past 18 months.
Emails flying from one laptop to another Apple, Facebook, other major tech players push Senate to pass email privacy reform
There's major new pressure on the Senate to pass a landmark online privacy bill.
a laptop screen with an envelope on it Google, Yahoo included in tech coalition urging House to pass Email Privacy Act
The tech industry says the bill's changes 'reflect Internet users' reasonable expectations of privacy.'
Man snooping on emails with binoculars Email Privacy Act passes first House vote
The Email Privacy Act is on its way to the full House.
Privacy bill on table State lawmakers bypass Congress in broad effort to reform digital privacy laws
'When Congress doesn’t act, the states often feel the pressure directly to insert themselves into that void.'
Encrypted email House debates updating the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Privacy advocates and law-enforcement officials sparred over whether to require a warrant in all non-emergency situations.