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Copyright Trolls

Porn_Set_2.jpg (1024×768)Maybe we shouldn't have given copyright trolls the names of 30,000 RedTube users, says court
Europe's biggest copyright-troll case has suffered a big blow.
undefinedLaw firm caught uploading the same porn it sues Americans for
Prenda Law, which tried to sue Americans for uploading these titles, actually put those videos on the Pirate Bay in the first place.
undefinedJudge hits porn troll law firm with fines, wants them disbarred
Prenda Law has been punished for basing a business on accusing innocent people of pirating porn.
segalbadassStudio threatens to sue hundreds for pirating Seagal flop
615 are accused of downloading Steven Seagal's Maximum Conviction. They can either pay $30,000 or go to court, where they could be fined $150,000.
okthistrollworksHow porn trolls are abusing the Copyright Alert System
Porn production company (and copyright troll) Malibu Media is trying to get Verizon's list of Copyright Alert System violations, to use as evidence in its suit against accused porn pirates.
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