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copyright trolls

copyright office Attorney behind Prenda copyright trolling scheme might finally be disbarred
And victims might finally get some justice.
Porn_Set_2.jpg (1024×768) Maybe we shouldn't have given copyright trolls the names of 30,000 RedTube users, says court
Europe's biggest copyright-troll case has suffered a big blow.
troll_finger_poingint_main2.png (1291×611) World's most notorious copyright troll will have to repay its victims
Prenda Law loses another case.
undefined Law firm caught uploading the same porn it sues Americans for
Prenda Law, which tried to sue Americans for uploading these titles, actually put those videos on the Pirate Bay in the first place.
All sizes | Troll aRt | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Porn troll's new tactic: Pay up or we tell your neighbors
Prenda Law is now threatening to alert the neighbors of accused porn pirates unless they pay a hefty settlement.
undefined Judge hits porn troll law firm with fines, wants them disbarred
Prenda Law has been punished for basing a business on accusing innocent people of pirating porn.