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YouTube creators are fuming after Alex Edson’s alleged false copyright claims

The owner of the “Business Casual” channel is facing heat for issuing copyright strikes against his rivals.


Kelsey Weekman

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Alex Edson, the owner of the educational YouTube channel Business Casual and overseer of its 1.6 million subscribers, has been accused of filing predatory copyright strikes against other high-profile YouTuber competitors, putting their channels and their livelihoods in jeopardy.

“I think I might have found the biggest piece of shit on YouTube,” gaming creator Ludwig Ahgren said in a May video about Edson, which received over 1.1 million views. Ahfren is one of several influential users who have recently called out Edson for filing copyright claims against creators that produce similar content to him.

John, the man who runs the ​​Magnates Media YouTube channel, which has over 962,000 subscribers, shares similar educational content to Edson on topics like finance and history. He tweeted on May 9 that Edson filed three copyright strikes against him. He claimed YouTube informed him that his page would be taken down within days.

“This means all of my videos, the channel I’ve spent years building, and my entire livelihood is now at risk of being taken away,” John tweeted. He wrote in a YouTube comment that he reached out to Edson to settle the matter privately, but received no response. …

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