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Christopher Nolan

How the most unique character in 'Interstellar' was brought to life
TARS might be the movie's most memorable character.
Batman: Arkham Origins Will the LEGO Batman movie give the Dark Knight a smile?
Can Batman ever be happy? We'll have to wait til 2017 to find out.
Oswald Cobblepot GothamThe 7 biggest problems with 'Gotham'
Fox's Batman prequel is still waiting to spread its wings and fly.
Marvel Ant-ManWhat Marvel's 'Ant-Man' can learn from the success of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity for a good joke.
Jeb BushThe 6 dumbest things about Jeb Bush's political action committee
We are not looking forward to 2016.
George Clooney Monuments MenWhat we learned from George Clooney's leaked Sony emails
If George Clooney can't live in a bubble, no one can.
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