cop on slide (l) cop further down slide (c) cop at the end of slide (r)

@LiveBoston617/Twitter Remix by Caterina Cox

Boston cop flying out of a slide gets memed

A video of a Boston cop zooming out of a playground slide has more than 25 million views. But what exactly is happening here?


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

There are many inexplicable videos online but it is truly special that Twitter can still come together and try to figure out what’s happening in one, while quickly turning it into a meme.

On Tuesday, a video of a Boston cop zooming out of a slide face-down, at a confusing angle, went viral. It’s still not entirely clear why the officer exited the slide in such a way. He apparently sustained an injury but is OK, according to the Boston Police Department. In a video shot from another angle, you can see what appears to be the officer getting in the slide from the top.

The playground, in City Hall Plaza, was renovated and reopened for kids 2-12 in the fall. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu told NBC Boston that she was looking into the incident: “We want all of our public spaces to be beloved and if it looks like we need to make sure that there’s more signage that this is for children or something, we can do that too.”

But none of that really mattered because people just wanted to understand the physics of this cop slide. His violent exit was compared to cubes coming out of an ice machine, a vending machine rejecting quarters, and luggage coming out of the carousel.
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The video was reversed as well, showing the officer being sucked back into the slide. This led to some Tenet memes. Others, correctly, said the video has “Vine energy.”

The term “cop slide” is currently circulating online to describe the slide in question. People posted other videos of kids coming out at normal speed, but it does seem to be unnecessarily long. Which means: Prepare to see way more cop slide videos soon.

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