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It's time to disband the Benghazi committee
The Benghazi committee has wasted $4 million in taxpayer money. Enough is enough.
twitter bird resting on branch 10 awful comments about the Charleston shooting—and one that's painfully true
The more these tragedies occur, the more scripted the tweets become.
America is a prison state—but not for the reason right-wing conspiracy theorists think
The Jade Helm controversy illustrates the racist double standard when it comes to communities of color.
illuminati eye re black The Illuminati doesn't run the world—but it does control the Internet
For a secret society, the Illuminati must have a great press agent, because they are everywhere these days.
alex-jones-2.jpg (1440×720) Why the Alex Jones industrial complex must be dismantled
I went after Alex Jones because his propaganda plays into the hands of the extreme right wing in the U.S. 
4wC6QVC.jpg (1298×889) Tortoise-stomping protesters force feds to 'surrender' in Nevada
Hundreds of mounted cattle ranchers fight for their right to stomp all over protected land.