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Alex Jones claims that he urged Mike Flynn to come out as ‘Q’

Jones said Flynn was trying to co-opt the energy of the movement to get out the vote for Trump.


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Posted on Jan 18, 2024   Updated on Jan 18, 2024, 10:09 pm CST

Alex Jones claimed on Infowars on Wednesday that he’d urged former President Donald Trump’s short-lived National Security Advisor Gen.l Mike Flynn to come out publicly as Q to try to harness the “big movement” in favor of Trump and get the vote out.

“I told Flynn at lunch once, I said listen … there is no real Q, you’re the most senior person out there who knows how this stuff works. Why don’t you just come out and say ‘I am Q now,’” Jones said in a 30-minute segment on his show, referring to the QAnon conspiracy movement that took over chunks of the American conservative movement over the past decade.

According to Jones, Q was started by members of Trump’s campaign who saw how Infowars “took Wikileaks, and the Aleister Crowley devil worship stuff and hurt the establishment with it,” and wanted to emulate that success.

“They wanted to be able to put that stuff out and not get blowback and not get attacked themselves individually,” Jones continued.

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According to Jones, once Trump came into the White House, Q was co-opted by undefined forces within the Deep State. 

Those forces pushed what Jones called a “leftist” Q, who spread the idea that there were “patriots” in control of the government orchestrating everything that was happening.

For Jones, what that meant was the spread of a dangerous idea within the Q movement that spread complacency by painting Trump as invincible.

It was this Q faction, Jones said, which pushed the idea that Biden would be arrested at the inauguration, or that Trump’s reelection was guaranteed in 2020 because they were running things behind the scenes.

“I knew none of that was true,” Jones said.

“The whole thing was just hysteria, a mania, a delusion, that Trump was invincible and everything was okay,” Jones said in the video. “General Flynn saw this big movement, saw it as a big mass of people that believed optimistically and were motivated. And so he was trying to not get the leftist Q movement to tell you ‘everything’s OK, we’re invincible,’ he was trying to go in and cop-opt it from them.”

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via Infowars

According to Jones, Flynn tried to “go in and say, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, Q … so he could try to lead it and get out the vote and be motivated and be involved. That was good.” 

But Flynn never fully took on the Q mantle for himself. At least not enough to Jones’ liking.

Jones also talked about the malign influence of someone not having control of Q on the MAGA movement in the video.

“I’d go to a rally and there’d be like ten percent of people there going ‘Jones, we’re not with you, we’re with the Q now, and the president says you’re bad through Q, and Trump’s Q,’” Jones said, caricaturing the Q supporters with a mocking voice.

Trump and others, Jones said, “just saw … [Q] as a movement in the patriot movement, so they tried to be nice to it.”

But that was a bad move, Jones said, because the movement was full of unstable people who were following an anonymous figure with no accountability.

“They think JFK Jr. is alive, they go to events who doesn’t even look like JFK Jr. and they all think it’s him,” Jones said. “It’s, we’ve got our own crazy people in our movement. Not just the left.”

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*First Published: Jan 18, 2024, 5:44 pm CST