Alex Jones loses fans after condemning Hitler

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‘You sold out brother’: Alex Jones loses fans after condemning Hitler

'Just because our rulers are evil does not mean Hitler was good!'


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Apr 22, 2024

Right-wing commentator and frequent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is burning bridges with some of his fans after rebuking Adolf Hitler on Saturday.

“Happy birthday to the man who got 24 million Germans killed!” Jones wrote on X. “Hitler also launched a world war that killed another 80 million people. Just because our rulers are evil does not mean Hitler was good! Fuck Adolf Hitler!”

Jones—who owes at least $85 million to Sandy Hook families for calling the 2012 school shooting a hoax—is rarely the voice of reason on social media. But after his criticizing Hitler, Jones found himself having to defend and double down on his generally uncontroversial position.

“Hey Alex, who declared war on who? How many attempts at peace were rejected by Churchill?” reads the top reply. “Why did Rudolf Hess fly on a solo mission of peace only to be locked away and tortured for 46 years?”

Hess was known for his role in forming the antisemitic and racist Nuremberg Laws before his unauthorized proposal for peace with the British in 1941.

The post prompted Jones to respond to the assertions that the Nazis were eager for peace, saying, “That’s after Hitler invaded Poland and France!”

The same user went on to baselessly link the Rothschilds, a prominent Jewish banking family, to a desire for the “eradication of Germany” and called out “ethnic cleansing of Germans post war.”

Another user snarked that “alex jones will question anything except the official WW2 narrative,” to which Jones replied that he has “read over a hundred books on WW2 and [has] read 4 books written by top nazis.”

“You sold out brother,” another person responded to Jones’ rebuke of Hitler.

Jones replied: “Because I don’t like Hitler? I oppose all totalitarian systems.”

Someone else took an antisemitic jab, asking, “How many shekels did you get for typing this, Alex?”

“Zero,” Jones replied.

The same person went on to claim “there are many parallels between 1920’s Germany and 2020’s America” along with an image stating that conservatives get called Nazis because they share their views of being against Marxism, globalism, queer theory, and more.

Jones later assessed the number of Hitler sympathizers are a “big indicator of how fucked the [New World Order] is,” saying that “people hate the current scum in power so much they think Hitler was a hero.”

But Jones also brushed off any responsibility as to whether he created an audience that distrusts everything, arguing instead that “the corrupt system is what makes people not believe anything coming out of that same system.”

The replies to Jones’ post prompted a wave of criticism against billionaire Elon Musk for permitting such posts to run rampant on his social media platform unchecked.

“There are hundreds of accounts paying Elon money to get recommended by the algorithm defending Hitler in the comments,” one person commented of the number of blue check users criticizing Jones’ take.

“This site is such a Nazi hellhole that Alex Jones – ALEX JONES – is getting swarmed and ratioed for daring to say bad things about Hitler,” replied someone else. “Elon and his friends have fully lost control of the antisemitic menace they’ve unleashed.”

“Elon has cultivated a rapid base of people genuinely more insane than Alex Jones,” concluded another user.

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*First Published: Apr 22, 2024, 9:31 am CDT