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abstract art of the air bnb logo Civil rights leaders to meet with Airbnb to discuss discrimination issues
The company says they have 'zero tolerance' for any prejudice or bias on their website.
Gay Airbnb Here's how a former ACLU leader is going to improve Airbnb
'A lot of LGBT people disclose ahead of time because there's so much discrimination.'
airbnb Airbnb permanently bans host for sending racist messages
Another story of #AirbnbWhileBlack.
abstract art made with the air bnb logo Airbnb's new reporting feature could help crack down on illegal rentals and property damage
If your neighbor is misusing Airbnb, you can tell the company.
Broken window How Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft rank on privacy protections
How transparency about user privacy helps keep the government honest.
AirBnB logo pattern Berlin cracks down on Airbnb rentals
Landlords can now only rent out rooms, not entire properties.