Police officer shows how to tell if you’re being watched via two way mirror


‘If there’s a space you’re in a safe place’: Police officer shows how to tell if you’re being watched via two-way mirror

'No space, leave the place!!!'


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Posted on Jan 20, 2024   Updated on Jan 20, 2024, 3:54 pm CST

Ever felt an eerie sense of being watched when you’re alone in a room with a mirror? A police officer has gone viral after offering a simple method to determine if you’re being spied on through a two-way mirror.

On Jan. 11, TikTok user Brian (@b_ry91), a police officer, posted a video that has since garnered over 7.2 million views. In the video, Brian demonstrates how to spot a two-way mirror in public spaces.

“Things to remember about mirrors in public. Put your finger up to it and if there’s a space you’re in a safe place. Fun facts with Brian,” he says in the video, as he places his finger on the mirror, showing a gap between his finger and its reflection.


If there's a space, you're in a safe place. 2 way mirrors are easy to install in an Airbnb. Give it a quick check next time.

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In the comment section of the video, users shared a range of reactions to the video. One user voiced their confusion, saying, “I thought it was bad if there was a space. Possible 2 way mirror.”

Another user humorously joked about being paranoid, stating, “I went & checked my own mirror. At my house. That I bought.”

A third user followed up on the phrase used in the video, commenting, “No space, leave the place!!!”

Some commenters were puzzled that they didn’t find the space when checking in their homes.

One user wrote, “There’s no space in my bathroom mirror at home. Sorry to whoever’s watching me.” Another asked, “Is this true? Tried it in my own home and all the mirrors don’t have the space.”

In response to the confusion, Brian posted a follow-up video to clarify his original statement. He explained, “So you got two basic kinds of mirrors. Generally speaking, you got one that has a reflective material and then you have glass slapped on the front of that reflective material. So when you go to put your finger onto it, your finger touches the glass before it touches its reflection. That’s why there’s a gap.”

@b_ry91 Mirror types and how to identify a POTENTIALLY altered mirror. #Airbnb #hotels #vacation ♬ original sound – Sleppy

He further elaborated on the different types of mirrors and provided a two-step authentication process for checking mirrors. “Step one, you do the finger test, if there’s a small gap, you’re probably more than likely fine,” he wrote.

He explained step two: “Push on the mirror a little bit. If it flexes, you know it’s probably just a cheap mirror. But just to be double safe, look at it and really analyze, ‘Is this made of glass?’ If it is made of glass and your finger’s reflection is touching itself, that’s how you know someone can easily alter behind the mirror.”

According to WikiHow, there are more accurate ways of discerning whether a mirror is two way, including shining a light on it, tapping on it, and—in extreme cases—breaking it.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, Brian wrote, “The video is intended for those who may be worried about a hotel room or an Airbnb that might be peeping through a mirror. It works for standard business and industrial -glass- manufactured mirrors. It doesn’t work for cheaper mirrors that don’t have a glass layer on them.”

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*First Published: Jan 20, 2024, 6:00 pm CST