The new Zelda will be playable at E3, and Nintendo wants to fly you in to see it

zelda e3 2016

Illustration via Max Fleishman (Licensed)

Nintendo won't have a lot of games to show at E3, but if you're into Zelda it won't even matter.

Want to play the newest Legend of Zelda game before 2017? You could fly to Los Angeles to see it at E3—and maybe even get Nintendo to pay for it! 

Thursday the big N announced that its holding a sweepstakes for a truly rare treasure: a visit to E3 for two to play Zelda before everyone else gets their hands on it. Through May 10, you can tweet at NintendoAmerica and tell them what The Legend of Zelda means to you. Hashtag your tweet with #MyZeldaLegend and #NintendoSweepstakes, and you've entered. As you can see, the competition will be stiff.
Nintendo says that its Zelda booth will be an immersive experience for fans this year, providing longer play time for the media to really sink their teeth into the title. Even more reason to tweet your heart out at Nintendo and win the trip of a lifetime. Now that's a quest worth embarking on!
Dear Nintendo, please stop making home gaming consoles
As a gamer for most of my life, more specifically a lover of Nintendo, to hear that the company will likely be announcing their Wii U successor, the long rumored NX very soon, is baffling and concerning to me. And by the looks of things, analysts and the general gaming community aren’t having a particularly sunshine and rainbows attitude towards it either.
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