Out-of-context King Joffrey is a deceivingly nice guy

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It just takes a little editing to make King Joffrey a likable.

Warning: this contains spoilers from the latest episode of Game of Thrones and the “Purple Wedding.”

Even one of the biggest sociopaths on Game of Thrones had his finer moments in life, even if those moments will probably be taken out of context.

King Joffrey Baratheon, first of his name, may have been murdered at his own wedding feast, but he will not be soon forgotten. Despite his many shortcomings and vile treatment of just about everyone except for himself, HBO chose to remember his finer moments—although there aren’t very many.

Out of context Joffrey seems kind and considerate. He’s well-read and a thoughtful person. He will calm your insecurities. If anything, he’s closer in personality to his real-life alter ego, Jack Gleeson. He’s the person that Season 1-era Sansa Stark wanted to marry.

This video seems sort of thing the Lannisters would put out for the citizens of King’s Landing if PR firms existed in Westeros.

But Game of Thrones fans know better than to get fooled by that smirk. Remember Lady?

Considering Joffrey’s track record, it's amazing he has even these few shining moments.

And if we’re being truly honest, this supercut from New York Magazine is a more suiting tribute to Joffrey anyway.

GIFs via Imgur | Photo via GameOfThrones/YouTube

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