If you couldn’t tell from the name, visual effects company Big Lazy Robot is kind of into robots. And who better to star in this short promo clip about the conformity and mindless routine that comes along with an addiction to cutting-edge technology?

It’s clear that “iDiots,” which seamlessly blends computer generated imagery with cardboard environments, is targeting AppleFacebook, and Tumblr in its fable of smartphone branding, unnecessary apps, digital self-obsession, and compulsive “likes.” The creators even felt the need to issue a disclaimer: “Don’t take the message too seriously,” they wrote, explaining that they’re really just mocking themselves. “We all have an i-diot inside.”

Besides the satirical plot, which ends on a perfectly paranoid note, there’s a lot of eye candy to enjoy. You’ll swear the shuffling animated robots, “taken from real Japanese robot model kits,” are the genuine article, and the villain of the piece may look the most authentic of all. Is this how the machines will occupy their time when we’re gone? Wouldn’t be surprised, honestly.

Photo via BLR_VFX/Vimeo        

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