As the Pokémon World Championships take place in Washington D.C. this weekend, some info has leaked surrounding the future of the game.

YouTuber TheJWittz posted a photo on his Twitter account of the Pokémon Trading Card Game being played on an iPad. It seems to be part of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which is currently available for PC and Mac, and it was confirmed the game is real. 

The Pokémon Trading Card Game debuted in 1998, and has had consistent levels of popularity, as Nintendo has heavily supported the game. The last video game to come out in the series was the original Pokémon Trading Card Game on the Gameboy Color. With Pokémon TCG hitting iPads, it will be a great step for Nintendo embracing mobile.

The game should be available later this year. 

H/T Polygon | Image via Josh Wittenkeller/Twitter

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