Apple Ipad Ad with logo over it

‘Crushing human creativity’: Apple’s new iPad Pro commercial featuring hydraulic press falls flat

The ad shows instruments and art supplies being destroyed.

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Childcare researcher reveals how they can always tell when a child is an 'iPad kid'

‘You can tell in the first 10 minutes of meeting a baby’: Researcher reveals how they can always tell when a child is an ‘iPad kid’

‘I have seen newborns in Walmart with the iPad.’

On by Braden Bjella

Women says 10-year-old girls at Sephora just the start of troubling 'iPad kids' generation

‘I’ve had to stop babysitting for 3 families cuz the kids were so mean’: Woman says 10-year-olds at Sephora is just the start of troubling ‘iPad kids’ generation

‘They grew up on iPads, they were not properly socialized.’

On by Charlotte Colombo

Airline worker holding ipad with video of them recorded(l+r), Airline aisle(c)

‘You lucky it’s locked’: United Airlines worker finds passenger’s iPad left on the plane. She left a video for them

‘You’re crazy for leaving this on the plane.’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

Mom warns not to raise iPad kids. Here's what she's seeing in her 12-year-old after she let her always be on it

‘I would wanna just get through Target’: Mom warns not to raise iPad kids. Here’s what she’s seeing in her 12-year-old

‘They don’t realize they can’t put it down’

On by Melody Heald

Uber passenger tries to take off with driver’s iPad; Hand holding phone with uber logo while driving

‘INSTANT KARMA’: Uber passenger tries to take off with driver’s iPad. But he forgot his phone in the Uber so he has to come back

‘Glad karma came swift.’

On by Parks Kugle

woman hand in dumpster bag at Apple store caption 'Dumpster diving at the Apple Store' (l) people inside Apple store (c) woman holding up Apple pen tips brand new (r)

‘They accidentally threw this away’: Woman finds unused Apple products while dumpster diving at Apple Store

‘You can even resell the boxes!’

On by Jack Alban

hands on iPad box with caption 'POV: You get an iPad from target but get a cement tile instead' (l) Woman speaking with Target logo centered at bottom caption ' I will not be leaving target until I open something now' (c) hand holding cement tile over iPad box caption 'POV: You get an iPad from target but get a cement tile instead' (r)

‘Happened at Best Buy all the time’: Target customer claims newly purchased iPad was actually a cement tile

‘I will not be leaving Target until I open something now.’

On by Lauren Castro

Apple iPad's (l) Target checkout total 'Apple $749.99 Total $1624.48' with Target logo centered at bottom (c) person holding Target receipt '$599.00 $59.49 Debit Total Payment $714.22' (r)

‘You got lucky they honored it’: TikToker says Target ‘glitched’ and discounted tablet devices for $59

‘If you ordered online they canceled them.’

On by Cecilia Lenzen

man with Starbucks cup and caption 'Guys I am done trying to support these local boutique coffee' (l) 'I am now a full-fledged starbie girl, okay?' (r)

‘STARBUCKS FOR LIFE’: Customer rants about iPad tipping at local coffee shops, sparking debate

‘You always feel compelled to tip these baristas because they ask you on these giant iPads.’

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Tim Cook turns his iPad meme into an AirPod meme


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Find My iPhone - Traffic control station with iPhones on the radar

These simple steps will ensure you never lose an Apple device ever again

These simple steps will save you a lot of stress.

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Human Uber surrogate opening a door

Strap an iPad on your face and become a ‘Human Uber’ with ChameleonMask

What’s better than a telepresence robot? A human, apparently.

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You can save up to 30% on select iPad Pros through Amazon today

Now that’s a deal.

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Civilization VI

Civilization VI lands on iPad—but it’s not cheap

Be careful, not every iPad can play it.

On by Chris Reed

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