Every Independence Day people rush to add unique finishing touches to their barbeques and parties. For some it’s all about adding some extra red, white, and blue and for others it’s making sure to have the coolest gadgets to impress friends. If you’re a geek, though, you have some unique opportunities for the holiday.

Whether you’re playing party host on Friday or celebrating over the weekend, we found 11 amazingly geeky gadgets and gear ideas that will make your gatherings the ultimate get togethers for July 4 and beyond.

1) Star Wars Barbeque Tongs

The Force is strong with these lightsaber BBQ tongs

Photo via Atomic Empire

2) Building Block Head Grill Propane Tank

block head grill propane tank

Photo via 107graphics/Etsy

3) Condiment Gun

Photo via ThinkGeek

4) Themed Grilling and Serving Silverware

Photo via jessicaNdesigns/Etsy

5) BBQ Sword Skewer with Musketeer Cutout Mask

musketeer skewer

Photo via Amazon.com

6) Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Apron

Star Trek uniform apron

Photo via ThinkGeek

7) Captain America Spatula

Photo via zisthewiz/Etsy

8) Custom BBQ Sauces

Custom BBQ sauces super hero

Photo via DaSweetZpot/Pinterest

9) Cthulhu Grill Roaster

Photo via The Marshmallow Stick Company

10) Ninja BBQ Set

Photo via Katachi

11) Tactical Chef Apron

Photo via ThinkGeek

Main photo via The Fowndry

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