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How to turn off that thing you heard Google+ is doing without getting mad. 

Google has gifted Google+ with a fun new feature that gives basically anyone with a Gmail account your email address. And by basically anyone with a Gmail account… I mean anyone with a Gmail account.

So we have two options now: scream and run after Google with fire and pitchforks, yelling about how insane it is to shove Google+ down our throats. Or, we could stifle that user rage and just head over to the incredibly easy opt-out page.

Let’s save ourselves a gray hair, OK?


It’s very simple: First, login to your Gmail account and hit the gear icon in the upper right hand corner. Scroll to your settings and select that. Then you’ll see “Email via Google+.” Here, select “no one.”

There. We just saved you a good year of your life getting mad about this.

Photo via Charles Ovens/Flickr

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