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YouTube time traveler shows off supposed time machine

Noah said the government might make him go missing soon.

Feb 1, 2019, 4:08 pm*



Josh Katzowitz

The most popular supposed time traveler on the ApexTV YouTube channel has returned, and he’s providing what he says is proof that he’s actually from the future. Noah—who in the past has enlightened viewers with a frightening map of the U.S. in 2030 and has declared the winners of the presidential elections in 2020 and 2028—returned in two videos this week.

In one video, he claimed to show a time machine, and in another, he said he was displaying nanotechnology used in the future.

Noah, who pops up on the ApexTV channel more than any of its other supposed time travelers, said the time machine is from 2030. In the video, he retrieves it from a small bag. Basically, it appears to be a black box.

“It looks like an average black cube,” he said. “Unless you hold it. Then you realize how heavy this actually is. It’s full of technology. It actually acts as a type of mechanism that you bring with you as you time travel. It brings you back to your natural year.”

Noah’s natural year is 2030, he said. But he said he can’t return to the future because the implanted chip in his wrist that would allow him to do so was deactivated after he was fired by the government from his job as a time traveler.

In a separate video, Noah said he had evidence of nanotechnology from the future. It looks a lot like slime.

In that video, Noah displayed a dark gooey liquid that he said is actually “many, many, many tiny robotic molecules forming together to make a liquid that you can control with 6G internet.”

He said the goo helps with complex medical surgeries and can assist homeowners with their maintenance projects.

But Noah couldn’t give a demonstration of the robotic goo, saying, “You need a 6G network to move [it], so it’s impossible to move it at this time.”

So, why should you believe Noah? He said he accurately predicted what month Stephen Hawking and Stan Lee would die and that UFO sightings would spike in January. He also said in December that the largest snowstorm in history will devastate the Midwest in February.

In the YouTube comments section, though, not many were convinced of the goo masquerading as nanotechnology. Wrote one YouTuber, “It’s called borax, water, and glue with a splash of food dye. Noah has slime—not nanotechnology.”

It’s best to suspend your disbelief when watching these videos. After Noah showed the nanotechnology, he said he would it destroy so it wouldn’t fall into the wrong person’s hands. But you have to wonder how he got that goo in the first place. Did he haul it in a glass jar from the future? Why would he do that? Why would he wait so long to show the audience? And after going on and on about how he needed to thoroughly wash his hands after handling the supposed nanotechnology, why did he almost immediately shake the camera person’s hand?

Like usual, Noah proclaimed that the government doesn’t want him speaking about these issues and that he’s in danger. After showing his so-called time machine, he said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if I went missing.”

Another reason he might stop showing up? If his predictions don’t come true and he longer wants to show his pixelated face on ApexTV.


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*First Published: Feb 1, 2019, 4:05 pm