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YouTube footage shows time traveler allegedly teleporting himself into a different world

Are you buying this?


Josh Katzowitz


Published Oct 25, 2018   Updated May 21, 2021, 3:15 am CDT

The ApexTV channel on YouTube has focused lately on interviewing supposed time travelers, allowing their pixelated faces and their modified voices to take questions and show off a photo from 16th century China, display a video from 2045, and describe the utopia found in the year of 8973.

But the channel doesn’t normally purport to show footage of people actually leaving this world and journeying to somewhere else. That’s what the video below supposedly demonstrates.

In the video, ApexTV said it was emailed a closed-circuit video by a Pennsylvania warehouse worker that appears to show a man teleporting out of existence and into what we assume is an unknown dimension. The video shows a man in jeans and a hoodie—we never see the person’s face—who walks behind a building and seems to be searching for something on the ground.

At first, the person paces around while looking at his feet. After a few seconds, the person finds whatever he’s looking for, and there are a number of flashes on the screen as if the object is gearing up to accomplish something magical.

Then, after flinching for a brief moment, the person disappears, much to the amazement of the supposed warehouse worker who gives his own running commentary.

Not many YouTube commenters, however, believe the story being told.

“It was outlined when he disappeared sorry it’s cgi and not a good one,” Ryan Balls wrote. “Better luck next time.”

“It’s easy video editing,” wrote another. “I’m amazed how gullible people are.”

Another person had a much darker take on the video, writing, “Jesus is returning soon, the antichrist will use an ‘extraterrestrial’ invasion to bring in NWO and abductions will be a cover up for the rapture. This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about.”

If that’s the case, it’s somehow nice to know that people will be debating whether time travel and teleportation are possible until the (apparently very near) end of time.

Jokes aside, the YouTube channel has found a wide audience by experimenting with implausible science fiction stories. With respect to video trends, it’s tapped into users’ insatiable curiosity for a good, almost surely fake, story.

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*First Published: Oct 25, 2018, 11:27 am CDT