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YouTube time traveler says he has photographic proof he visited 16th-century China

He’s got quite a story to tell.


Josh Katzowitz


Another alleged time traveler has appeared on YouTube channel ApexTV, and this time, a man said he has proof that he visited China during the 16th and 17th centuries. Of course, these stories have become popular YouTube gimmicks in recent months.

Here a man with a Russian accent, whose face is shielded by pixelation and whose voice is modified to protect his identity, appeared on the YouTube channel to reveal his supposed story of traveling back in time about 400 years.

Here’s his backstory. While living in London and working in some kind of government-funded underground laboratory called Globus, which conducted experiments to determine if there’s life in other galaxies and how to teleport objects, the man said he saw a machine that “can shock everyone.”

“The name of that machine was Time Queen …” the man said. “Only a few scientists can enter that room … It can take you both to the future and past.”

What was so important about the Time Queen, according to the alleged time traveler, was a piece of asteroid which had “a radiation maker” that had the ability to destroy the planet and could actually enlarge a country’s geography. In this case, though, the radiation energy created “time borders” and eventually led to time traveling in a project that apparently was worked on by the U.S., British, and Russian governments.

According to this unnamed man, the furthest one could travel in this Time Queen was 4,000 years, and he was tasked to travel to China (the man, though, said he didn’t change anything in history).

For proof, he holds up a photo of a watch that he apparently used during his travels in China during the 16th and 17th centuries. He said he lost it while running from Chinese soldiers. Only recently, the man said the watch was found in a Chinese soldier’s tomb.

“Scientists were shocked,” the man said. “That watch [was] first made in the 20th century, but it was found in the tomb, which is 400 years old. Do you understand?”

If not, watch the entire video.

Recently, another person claimed to ApexTV—which has 717,000 subscribers who enjoy its work on paranormal activities—that they’ve time traveled and brought back video from Las Vegas in 2120. That anonymous person was roundly mocked online. This man with a Russian accent can expect much of the same.

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