Logan Paul says he wants to fight someone in the UFC

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If Logan Paul‘s celebrity has taught us anything, it’s that he’s never afraid to back down from a fight. This time, he’s taking the usual smack talk a step further by proposing going toe to toe with professional UFC fighters, Sports Illustrated reports.

“Hell yeah,” Paul said TMZ asked him if there was anyone else that he would be willing to fight in addition to his upcoming boxing matches with fellow YouTuber KSI. “I want to fight a UFC fighter.”

He explained that he wrestled in high school and participated in athletics all his life, so clearly, “there’s no reason that [he] couldn’t.”

Paul then suggested that UFC President Dana White pair him up with someone.

“Yo, Dana White if you’re watching this, pick a fighter for me, dude,” he said. “Late next year.”

TMZ prompted him to call someone out, and Paul chose CM Punk. Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, added that he thought it might be “dope” for either him or his older brother to match up with Conor McGregor. Logan Paul excitedly agreed. The siblings seem to think their weight advantage and some training would make them formidable opponents against seasoned professionals.

Paul is already set for two different boxing matches against YouTuber KSI. The matches will be available on pay per view, and the first is set to take place Saturday, Aug. 25 in Manchester, England. The second will take place in the U.S. at some point before February of 2019.


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Onaje McDowelle

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