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Walmart rips Jake Paul on Twitter for having a cheap wardrobe

This backfired spectacularly.


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Posted on Jun 29, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 12:14 pm CDT

A few weeks after Jake Paul trashed his future boxing opponent’s merchandise at a press conference, Walmart has returned the favor on the YouTube star.

At a Los Angeles press conference that also featured a near-brawl between Logan Paul and KSI, Jake Paul blasted his upcoming opponent, Deji, for having what Jake Paul said was cheap merchandise. Then, he intimated that Deji obtained his wardrobe from Walmart.

Said Jake Paul: “Yo, what the fuck are you wearing? Are those Walmart shoes? Your cheap-ass merch.” Then, as Deji tried to respond, Paul taunted him with a mocking “Walmart!” taunt.

That “Walmart” taunt continued sporadically throughout the rest of the press conference.


And now, Walmart has gotten in on the action. When Twitter user @MattGum1 wrote “Was Jake saying Walmart many times because of how bad is his (sic) merch?,” Walmart had a savage reply.

To make matters more awkward for Paul, it was also gleefully reported that Paul’s own merchandise is sold at Walmart. (Paul has also recorded vlogs where he’s admired posters of himself while at Walmart, and he posted another video in which he obnoxiously yodeled at the store.)

Jake Paul Walmart merchandise

Paul, though, has vehemently denied that. After posting an animated video of himself beating up Deji in a Walmart parking lot, he said that Walmart sold knockoff versions of his merchandise. As Paul wrote, “That’s what happens when ur products are popular Other fake merch companies want 2 capitalize off of the brand that I’ve built.”

Jake Paul will box Deji on the undercard of the KSI-Logan Paul fight on Aug. 25 in Manchester, England, in the battle of the younger brothers. Until then, you can probably expect to hear many more Walmart taunts from Paul to Deji.


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*First Published: Jun 29, 2018, 1:04 pm CDT