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YouTube star KSI uploads lengthy video, says his brother Deji has ‘betrayed’ him

'I’m going to make you realize what you did wrong.'


Josh Katzowitz


Posted on Jun 3, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 11:22 am CDT

YouTube star KSI has finally made his response to the allegations from his younger brother Deji that he is abusive and sexually betrayed him. KSI, in turn, accused his brother of betraying him and claimed he just wanted to be finished with their feud.

In an 80-minute video titled “Ending it all” posted on Monday, KSI said it wasn’t his intent to abuse his brother, defended himself at length, and explained why he slept with a woman that Deji liked.

Last week, Deji accused his brother of abusing him and bullying him. It was another chapter in what has been a long feud between the British brothers that has involved the two trying to destroy each other’s credibility and turn their parents against the other.

A few days after his initial video, Deji called his brother “disgusting” and said he was trying to sabotage his career by tweeting out a request for followers to dig up dirt on Deji. As a result of Deji’s latest videos, KSI lost more than 180,000 subscribers across his two channels (Deji, meanwhile, had gained new followers and was closing in on the 10 million subscriber mark for the first time).

KSI apologized for physically throwing objects at his brother in the past, but he also defended himself by calling it “play fighting” and showed that Deji was laughing hysterically in the clips—something KSI said Deji edited out of his accusatory videos. KSI also showed videos of Deji hitting him and whipping him with a belt, saying “it’s not like it was a one-way street.”

“It was all just playful fun,” KSI said. “Siblings always fight. I don’t understand why it’s a problem now. Maybe I took it too far sometimes, but never once did you ever bring it up that I made you feel uncomfortable. Until now, I guess.”

KSI said he didn’t have malicious intent when he slept with the woman Deji liked. He said he didn’t even know the woman knew Deji. KSI then showed direct messages from the person confirming that she and Deji were not in any kind of relationship.

KSI also called out the fact Deji went on Logan Paul’s podcast after KSI had publicly pleaded with Deji not to do so. KSI showed videos of Deji making fun of his brother and making apparently untrue accusations of KSI that he’d been involved with four abortions. KSI uploaded audio clips of conversations from late last year with his family in which their parents seemingly blamed KSI for the feud.

“Clearly, you don’t practice what you preach, saying that family should always have your back no matter what,” KSI said.

KSI did apologize for some of his actions, including for being insensitive when Deji previously uploaded videos for how hurt he had been by KSI’s actions. But KSI said that he’s talked to women who have claimed that Deji has made them feel uncomfortable in the past and that he’s manipulated them. KSI didn’t get into specifics, and he said he wouldn’t share anything publicly.

“Your video was supposedly about making me realize what I’ve done wrong,” KSI said. “Well, I’m going to make you realize what you did wrong.”

By the end of the video, KSI said he had a simple solution.

“Yes, I can do better. But so can you, man,” KSI said. “I just want this to be over and done with. Let’s just be done with this, Dej. I’ll always love you.”


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*First Published: Jun 3, 2019, 3:18 pm CDT