Hello Kitty makes her vlogging debut.

HELLO KITTY [Sanrio Official]/YouTube

Hello Kitty makes her debut as a YouTube vlogger

This ‘old-timer’ is back with a fresh with a fresh channel.


Kris Seavers


These days, YouTube is a vast terrain of competitive vlogging. Now everyone’s favorite Sanrio character, Hello Kitty, is joining the mix.

Hello Kitty debuted her very own YouTube channel on Friday with an introductory vlog, Kotaku reports.


In the five-minute video, Hello Kitty introduces her friends—fellow Sanrio characters—and admits how “nervous” she is in front of the camera.

“Right now I’m not even sure what I’m saying because I’m so scared!” she says with commendable honesty.

“But there’s a lot you don’t know until you try,” Hello Kitty continues, promising viewers she’s gonna give the new vlogging gig all she’s got.

Among thousands of super polished videos by peppy but predictable YouTubers, Hello Kitty’s candidness is honestly refreshing. Maybe it’s because she’s, as she describes herself, an “old-timer.”

According to her creators, the legendary cartoon character—not cat—has been a third grader living in London since the 1970s. (By the way, even vlogger Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth, despite all her chatting.)

Only time will tell if the future of Hello Kitty’s channel will live up to those of fellow vloggers—like feminist Barbie.


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