Predictive text was used to write a pretty good ‘Frasier’ script

Frasier By JDG/YouTube


Frasier is one of those TV shows that weathered the internet age and drew a devoted fandom. It was a show about the highbrow and intellectual, but also about family. Who could forget the episode where Martin says, “This big ham is my favorite son”?

Botnik Studios, which previously trained a neural network to create a Coachella lineup, has now moved on to Frasier scripts. Whereas the Coachella lineup was a chuckle-worthy string of band names, the Frasier script is actually pretty cogent. Can’t you picture Niles telling Frasier to pour chili on him?

Botnik writer Nat Towsen said on Twitter that they were trying to stay true to the show’s “voice,” and broke down exactly how they got these results. This wasn’t machine learning; there was a human element.

You can try writing your own scripts using the predictive text keyboards.

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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