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Erika Costell’s new song ‘Dynamite’ is about her ex, Jake Paul

'This part of my life is over.'

Dec 28, 2018, 10:46 am


Elizabeth VanMetre 

Elizabeth VanMetre

Erika Costell this week released her lyric music video for her new single titled “Dynamite,” and her ex-Jake Paul is featured throughout. Don’t take that as a sign that the two are rekindling their love, however.

In November, Paul confirmed the end of his relationship with Costell on Twitter. The pair were a power couple in the YouTube community, both logging millions of subscribers on the site.

The lyric video has footage of what seems to be happier times taken from her vlogs. The two hold hands, laughing and kissing.

The lyrics are a tribute to the good parts of their relationship, including the lines, “there’s always bigger things, but it doesn’t feel as good as having you next to me.” She adds: “It’s like dynamite when I’m with you.”

Fans are crossing their fingers that Paul’s appearance and the lyrics might mean the pair are rekindling their relationship once again.

Despite the wishful thinking, Costell addresses the song in the description of the video and explains she wrote it “months” ago.

Although the situation is very different now, and this part of my life is over…writing this song was one of most powerful things I’ve ever done because it came straight from my heart & I’m still very proud of it,” she said.

She even gave fans a bit of an Easter egg in the video, changing the spelling of “Dynamite” in the music video to “Dinomite.” A tribute to Costell’s nickname for Paul, Dinosaur.

Not all the old time were happy though. Paul referred to their relationship in his series “Jake Paul Uncut” as “super, super toxic.”

“We know how to hurt each other. It’s so sad it got to that point. But it did,” he said. “Our relationship is so complicated because of the business; the personal [side]; [how] she used to be my assistant. We all have our insecurities. I have trust issues. We got to a point in our relationship where we would just tear each other down. We went into this downward spiral that we couldn’t control.”

It doesn’t appear the pair will be getting back together any time in the future, it’s nice to see them both seemingly moving on.

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*First Published: Dec 28, 2018, 10:46 am