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This Drake tweet from 2012 has become a totally relatable meme

Not all old tweets are bad!


Stacey Ritzen


In the wake of the Me Too movement, you have to be careful with what you tweet —or what you’ve tweeted before. People’s old tweets are now being exposed by trolls looking to do more harm than good if Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s controversial firing is any indication. The phenomenon even led to Last Jedi director Rian Johnson deleting 20,000 of his old tweets because it seems like no one is safe anymore.

But hey, not all old tweets are bad! As a shining example of this, please direct your attention to this 2012 gem from Drake.

It’s unclear what, exactly, the rapper couldn’t say no to at the time, but the tweet recently resurfaced as a meme as people began retweeting it with funny examples of poor (or obvious) decision making.

Do you want to drink even though you’ve vowed not to do so? What would Drake say? Are you cutting back on carbs but can’t resist the temptation of restaurant bread? What would Drake say? Are you going to make yourself look as good as possible in front of your date? What would Drake say?



The meme is also ripe for #brands to get in on the action:

As well as some popular TV shows:

Drake is really having quite the month. After his new album Scorpion set fire to Spotify streaming records, his single “In My Feelings” also got the viral treatment when Instagram personality Shiggy posted a video of himself dancing to the song and inadvertently turned it into a hashtag challenge.

Thankfully, no one is jumping out of cars this time.


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