Blake Lively’s response to her Instagram emoji blunder is priceless


Blake Lively has been busy promoting her upcoming movie, A Simple Favor, as well as husband Ryan Reynolds‘ new acquisition, Aviation American Gin. One of the charming parts of the Lively-Reynolds social media experience is that they rib each other on Instagram, making them seem more relatable.

Also relatable? Messing up your emoji placement. Lively apparently did this on a recent post promoting Reynolds’ new gig, but she forgot to put a space between the heart emoji and his tag. One commenter wrote: “I’m crying at her and the fact that she doesn’t know she needs to put a space after an emoji for the tag to work.”

Lively responded to the comment in the third person, of course:

blake lively instagram blakelively/Instagram


This could be Lively doing more in-character promo for A Simple Favor, in which she plays a woman who might not be what she appears, but a photo from earlier this month, in which Lively alludes that she tricked someone into thinking she was a Spice Girl, is even better.

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Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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