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A whole lot of people sure have ‘controversial food opinions’

People take their food VERY seriously.


David Britton

Internet Culture

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so naturally, everyone has food on the brain. Maybe that’s why the “Tweet your most controversial food opinion” meme took off over the weekend.

On November 19, a baseball aficionado named Jon Becker took a break from tweeting about his favorite sport to collectively asked the internet to “Please quote tweet this with your most controversial food opinion, I love controversial food opinions.” Little did he realize his request would quickly rack up nearly 2,000 retweets, over 14,000 likes, a slew of contentious replies.

Becker asked for opinions and boy did he ever get them. People were not afraid to dunk on some of the world’s most popular foods.

Although some people decided to defend certain foods that they feel were unfairly given a bad rap.

Others took things in a more serious direction and used the opportunity to highlight things like the world’s food inequality.

And of course, since it’s Twitter, things got weird.

(For the record some people do consider chocolate to be a vegetable.)

And one man hit on something that some people might find revolting but is perhaps brilliant:

Despite all the controversy, Jon Becker, the original poster, seemed glad to have started the discussion.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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