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Wanted man tells police to ‘come and get me’ while dancing on TikTok

Police later tracked him down, thanks to the viral video.


Nahila Bonfiglio

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TikTok is home to all kinds of odd videos and daring challenges, but few quite so bold as William Reeves Durga’s recent upload.

Upon realizing that he was wanted by the LaGrange Police Department, 21-year-old Durga decided to approach his impending arrest a bit differently. He uploaded a video to TikTok. In the video, Durga can be seen dancing in front of a shot of the LaGrange PD’s Facebook post requesting details on his whereabouts. The video is captioned with a taunting phrase: “come and get me bi**h.”

According to the Facebook post from the LaGrange PD, Durga is wanted “in reference to the ongoing investigation with Georgia Bureau of Investigation West Metro Drug Office and the LaGrange Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit.” Durga along with several other people were wanted in connection to drug purchases at the Main Street Pub, according to a press release.

In an interview with LaGrange News, Durga noted that he wasn’t interested in turning himself in to Troup County Jail.

“It is so nasty and full of coronavirus,” he said in a message via TikTok to the news organization. “They haven’t been doing the necessary things to keep it contained. It’s beyond overcrowded, nobody gets a court date, it’s just wrong how the inmates are treated. I haven’t been running, they never came to my house or anything. They straight blasted me on social media, so I did it back.”

Durga’s video shot him to TikTok prominence. In the two days since it was first posted, the video has racked up nearly a million likes and more than 45,000 comments. Apparently, all that fame caught up to Durga fast.

An update to the original LaGrange PD Facebook post shows that the department largely has TikTok to thank for successfully apprehending Durga.

“Reeves Durga has been arrested,” the update begins. “The LPD and the GBI would like to thank the public’s assistance with his apprehension. Without Mr. Durga’s viral TikTok video, we would not have received the amount of tips and information that ultimately led to his arrest, thank you!”


That probably wasn’t the result he was aiming for.

The Daily Dot reached out to Durga.


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