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Maskless TikToker gloats about having COVID-19 in airport

'Little do all these ppl know i have COVID-19.'


Eilish O'Sullivan

Internet Culture

Posted on Jul 19, 2020

A TikToker, who claims to have COVID-19, filmed herself without a face mask in an airport.

In the video, TikTok user @420charlise69 seems to be one of the only people in an airport without a mask on as she waits for her flight. “Little do all these ppl know i have COVID-19,” the video’s caption reads.

She pans the camera across the room, filming her Louis Vuitton luggage; strangers, who are wearing masks; and her family, some of whom are not wearing a mask, either.

The video is set to “Can’t Stop Singing” from the Teen Beach Movie.

Viewers are criticizing the TikToker in the video’s comments section.

“It’s not a joke. There are actual people dying out there!!” the top comment reads.

Some are even posting the contact information for her alleged high school.

She posted a follow-up video addressing the criticism. In it, she claimed “the flu is worse than covid,” a common—but misinformed—argument among people who refuse to listen to health professionals. She also told critics to “get off (her) ass” because she is “not sick.” It is unclear if she lied about having the coronavirus or does have it and is asymptomatic—people in roughly 15% to 45% of coronavirus cases are believed to be asymptomatic, meaning they have no symptoms but can still pass on the illness. In follow-up videos, the TikToker backtracks, saying she doesn’t have COVID-19.

“You guys are making it a big deal,” she said. “I get it ppl are dying and its so sad and not funny… idk why you guys keep saying i think its funny tf… its a tiktok so calm down.”

She claimed she did not wear a mask because she was only around family members.

“No need to flip out on me and saying im the only reason ppl are getting sick when theres SOOO much more people are flying and doing things also,” she said.

She later duetted a critical viral video with a video of herself wearing a mask in the airport. It appears she was traveling to Cabo for a vacation. Internet sleuths figured out the hotel she is allegedly staying at by watching her videos and are now calling to complain about the “girl with covid staying at their hotel.”

The TikToker seems unfazed, however, making videos of herself dancing and flicking off her “fans.” She also appeared to double-down on her anti-mask stance in her latest video.


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*First Published: Jul 19, 2020, 11:03 am CDT