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Every woman can relate to this Twitter thread about sloppy male bedrooms

Men, don’t let this be you!


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

Being a single woman these days isn’t easy, even in the age where we have apps on our phones that make it as simple to set up a date with a potential romantic partner as it is to hail a ride or order delivery. Sometimes, ladies have to, well, settle.

Such is the crux of a tweet that’s getting a lot of attention, from both men and women alike. On Sunday, a woman named Lauren wrote, “Every straight girl on this site has an apartment filled with stunning art, plants and vintage furniture but is in love with a man who sleeps on a bare mattress next to his PS4.”

Of course, this is a blanket generalization that’s not true in every single instance, however many women you might talk to would probably confirm that there’s also some truth to it. “This tweet is not a joke,” Lauren continued. “Please treat yourself with a modicum of dignity.”

To help her further illustrate this point, another woman named Jody Hamilton chimed in with an actual photo of her man’s bedroom, and … you can just see for yourself:

And others weighed in, as well:

Another person directed her to the male living space subreddit:

A few men retweeted and tried to defend their gender, bless their hearts:

Yes, there are dudes who are guilty of this. But on the bright side, nobody expects anyone to outfit their apartment in West Elm or CB2. An IKEA bed frame or shabby chic thrift finds, however, can go a long way in the grand scheme of things.

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