Illustration via Pat Corbett (Fair Use)

It’s been a long week on

On Thursday night, Twitter rolled out a new feature: longer usernames. The move came shortly after the company decided to let everyone tweet in 280 characters. Twitter’s plan seems to be ‘let’s just make everything bigger so everyone will forget how terrible this website is sometimes.’

Literally, no one asked for this feature.

What’s next? Longer avatars?

Twitter users are now creating obnoxiously long usernames in an effort to troll the company (Note: some of these may change since Twitter users are constantly trolling everyone and everything).

You can use the feature to promote your website.

Or to fully describe bears.

Or to tell Twitter that it has become MSN Messenger.

Or to simply emphasize your account name.

The sky is the limit! Well, actually it’s 50 characters. But it’s still too much space for a name.

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