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The Twinks 4 Trump movement has taken off like Donald Trump’s private jet

Oh, Daddy.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Super Tuesday made it clear that America really loves Donald Trump. Voter turnout in the Republican presidential primaries was simply yuge. While exit polls revealed a whole lot about your average Trump voter, they sadly overlooked the loudest and proudest demographic clamoring for the real-estate magnate’s presidency—lithe queer men with a penchant for calling their politicians “daddy.”

That literal gay agenda has taken the form of @TwinksForTrump, a Twitter account, hashtag, and social movement that really wants you to know that Trump = daddy—and that this country would be nothing without his leadership, which #Twinks4Trump has lovingly sexualized in the most fabulous horrifying fashion possible. 

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The perviest parts of the Trump campaign used to be The Donald’s troubling comments about his daughter, as well as a few really unfortunate photos of the two that we won’t link to for the sake of decency. But @TwinksForTrump treads new ground while staying horrifyingly on brand.

These rainbow warriors have fought the good fight against the likes of Marco RubioBernie Sanders, and even Trump’s female fans, whom they refer to as “Trumpettes.”

Ain’t no shame to their game; @TwinksForTrump came to slay. Hell, they’ve even crafted their own policies for The Donald to enact after he places his palm on his favorite book ever and takes the oath of office in January. 

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Some big names have thrown their support behind The Donald, and @TwinksForTrump have certainly taken notice. Even your average twink has the opportunity to Make Twitter Great Again. The account currently features and tweets about fellow Trump lovers who, predictably, really want you to know who the real Founding Father of our country is.

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Whatever happens with Trump’s campaign, he’ll always have a place at the table with @TwinksForTrump—presumably at the head. After all, Daddy deserves respect.

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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