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TikToker appears to leave date with $200 bill at Red Lobster after she admits to having a man

The TikToker told the Daily Dot his video was ‘based on real-life situations.’


Tricia Crimmins

Internet Culture

After a TikToker took a woman on a date and she brought a friend and told the TikToker that her “man is at home,” it appears he left her and her friend with the bill.

In a TikTok posted by @johnnyreporting, the TikToker asks a woman he is seated with at Red Lobster if she would come home with him after their meal.

“I told you no. My man is at home,” she tells him. He then says he’s going to “go to the bathroom,” orders an Uber, and leaves the restaurant.

@johnnyreporting also shows a screenshot of a text he received from the woman who says he owes her $200 (the bill was $236.53).

The TikTok, which seems to have been simultaneously taken with @johnnyreporting’s front and back camera, has been viewed almost 2.5 million times. In the comments of the video, @johnnyreporting reveals that the video is a skit and was staged.

In a follow-up video, @johnnyreporting shows all the food that he and the women ordered at Red Lobster.

Some commenters on @johnnyreporting’s video said that the woman who brought a friend on the date with her and admitted that she was in a relationship got what was coming for her when she was left with the entire bill.

“Cheaters gotta pay the price,” @volleyball_200s commented.

“I hope her man saw the bill. That’s called serving fresh instant karma,” @averyshepard0 wrote.

“Man at home and she’s out with him,” @rickbowling1976 commented. “Remember what you do you have to live with.”

Other commenters were confused about multiple elements of the video: the TikToker showing his perspective and his face at the same time, if he knew that she was in a relationship before the two went out, and whether or not the video was staged.

@johnnyreporting clarified the confusion by commenting that the video was “not real.”

“A skit,” he commented. “All planned out.”

“I wanted to make the kinda based on real life situations that do happen,” @johnnyreporting told the Daily Dot in an Instagram direct message. “I just didn’t expect for it [to] get as many views as it did on TikTok.”

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