‘I haven’t seen the block of feta cheese since January’: Trader Joe’s worker reveals which products are often out of stock due to TikTok trends

Shoppers and fellow workers shared their own experiences with the outages.


Alexandra Samuels

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We all know there’s a lot of TikTok food trends, and Trader Joe’s is arguably one of the most recommended places for people on the app to buy their groceries. 

But these trendy new recipes that use ingredients unique to Trader Joe’s have an effect on the store. Earlier this week, a store employee and TikToker, Natalie Johnson, revealed that certain products are “constantly out of stock” because of the app. The video currently has over 500,000 views.

In a video compilation, she highlights what those foods are. She starts with showcasing the store’s brand of feta cheese. While the TikToker doesn’t state which viral recipes each food item went toward, it’s assumed this specific ingredient was for the infamous viral feta pasta bake

Next, there’s Trader Joe’s almond butter almonds (a relatively new product), its marinated, fresh mozzarella cheese (part of another TikTok trend), and its brazil nut body butter. 

Johnson later did a sequel to her original video, highlighting a list of other products constantly out of stock. Those included the stores’ steamed chicken soup dumplings, cold brew coffee and boba dessert, chili onion crunch sauce, and garlic cheese bread.

Of course, these outages might not be true for every store. But most shoppers and fellow workers in the comments could identify with what Johnson was saying. 

“I went today the lotion was GONE,” one user wrote. 

“I haven’t seen the block of feta cheese since January,” a second user lamented.

“As a fellow crew member, this is true,” another wrote. 

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