‘She hasn’t paid rent in 3 months’: Women kick out roommate and send her stuff away in viral TikTok, dividing viewers

The TikToker noted she gave her roommate notice.


Alexandra Samuels

Internet Culture

In a now-viral TikTok, two women pack up an unnamed woman’s things from their shared apartment, claiming they’re kicking her out because she “hasn’t paid rent in 3 months.” 

In the video, posted by @ludwid6, two women are seen changing the locks, packing things into trash bags, and booking movers. Over the video of them removing their roommate’s things, there’s text reading: “Girls night idea: kicking out your roommate and sending her stuff back to her parents bc she hasn’t paid rent in 3 months.” 

But the women’s actions earned them some backlash on TikTok from viewers who accused them of being too harsh. 

“Posting it on TikTok just feels like a mean girl move,” one user said. 

“Lol y’all wrong for this…,” wrote another commenter. 

Some people even warned that the women could get sued for wrongful eviction, depending on which state they live in. 

“I approve, but legally you can’t do this cuz it’s considered wrongful eviction,” someone commented. “At least in Cali.” 

“If she’s on the lease y’all gon have legal issues,” wrote another person.

“Super illegal,” said a third person. “Also illegal to sublease without a written agreement. And if there was and y’all did this y’all are in deep trouble.” 

Since its posting, the video now has over 904,000 views. 

The creator of the video, though, noted that she gave her now-former roommate a notice. She also said she’d happily face the legal repercussions for her actions. 

“Also if she was to sue for anything that is ok we face our responsibilities gladly!” she wrote. 

The women had plenty of supporters in the comments who wrote in defense of them.

“Y’all realize that the other girls probably had to pay their own money to cover her missed rent,” one user speculated.

“Y’all need to know 3 months is pretty lenient some ppl would kick people out after 1 month,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @ludwid6 for comment.

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