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Woman exposes cheating co-worker in ‘Bad Romance’ TikTok challenge video

It's the story time that just keeps getting worse.


Edward Medeles

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 4, 2020

In a new TikTok trend, people are using audio of a “Bad Romance” cover to talk share some pretty wild love stories. But one TikToker used the challenge to expose the bizarre love triangle she became caught in with her co-workers.

The audio comes from a video shared by Grace Groski wherein she sings part of the Lady Gaga song in seven increasingly higher octaves. The incremental raises in pitch make the clip perfect for increasingly disturbing storytime videos.

User Kimee Ann, aka @itskimeeann, shared the song to share the now-viral story of a hookup turned co-worker, turned cheater, turned best friend’s husband. The drama! Here’s a breakdown of the co-worker horror story. 

After a hook-up with a Bumble match, Kimee Ann started a new job where the man was her training manager. After that, they started talking again, but Kimee Ann soon found out her best work friend was also sleeping with him. Soon after, our main character finds out that the man is married! 

It doesn’t stop there. One year and divorce later, the mystery man returns by sliding into both her and her friend’s DMs. Kimee Ann’s chaotic workplace romance horror story finally ends with her friend marrying this messy, messy man.

Kimee Ann revealed more details from the story in some subsequent videos. The tea from this story only gets worse (or better, depending on your point of view).

“You and the work friend didn’t tell the wife at the party?” a user asked. Kimee Ann said they didn’t tell the wife because she ALSO worked with them. As Kimee Ann says, “Cue the fucking dancing lobsters, bitch.”


In another follow-up video, Kimee Ann said that she and her now-married work friend are no longer acquaintances. After the harrowing experience, at least she can say she won the “Bad Romance” challenge.

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*First Published: Dec 4, 2020, 4:28 pm CST