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The most wholesome channel on Pornhub just wants to make sure you’re OK

These videos are very safe for work.


Alyse Stanley

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More than 60,000 people visit Pornhub every minute, according to the site’s 2018 year-end statistics. But while searches for Stormy Daniels, Fortnite, and Bowsette may have surged in popularity last year, many of this year’s wankers would rather watch a fully clothed man tuck them in goodnight or do the dishes unprompted. His name is Ryan Creamer, the comedian behind Pornhub’s most wholesome channel.

In just three months, Creamer’s channel has racked up more than 1 million views. It started as a joke after the 26-year-old CollegeHumor writer discovered just how simple it was to verify his account and upload videos, BuzzFeed News reported. In his first video—“I Tuck You in After You Have Cum”—he does just that, smiling broadly as he tucks sheets around the camera and offers a kiss goodnight.

More than 200,000 viewers have scrolled past the other smut videos tagged “Amateur” and “Solo Male” on Pornhub to watch Creamer’s adorably safe for work content. His videos spread to Reddit and from there captured the hearts of social media users everywhere.

Other hits include “I Deliver You a Pizza And Don’t Put My Weiner In It,” “I Offer You Water (In Case You Are Parched Post-Orgasm),” and “POV Forehead Kiss Compilation.” Several have over 100,000 views.

While he didn’t expect any particular response, many Pornhub users have reached out to Creamer to say how supportive they find his videos. Even people in the porn industry have given him kudos.

“It can come across like I’m making fun of sex workers, but everyone who is in this industry has been so, so nice. That’s made me feel really good,” he told BuzzFeed News.

While he’d originally hoped his Pornhub channel might lead to more comedy opportunities, the positive reaction has inspired him to continue making videos.

Facebook and Twitter users who have fallen head over heels for Creamer’s wholesome content couldn’t be happier at the decision.


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