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Rich Kids of Instagram flaunt their fineries

The Tumblr creator calls it “a window into a world where things like private jets, Hermes shopping sprees, and $400 lunches are as normal as a sunrise.”


Jordan Valinsky

Internet Culture

There’s a lot of truly terrible pictures on Instagram, but when obnoxious rich kids get their hands on it, the photo-centric social network should have its own place in hell—and we’ve found it.

It’s a gold-framed Tumblr named “Rich Kids of Instagram,” and it’s frightening to see what the kids in the 1 percent are up to. The entries look like they fell out of Paris Hilton’s childhood album: private jets, exclusive parties at swanky houses, and a lot of people just looking like tools.

The Daily Dot reached out to the blog’s creator (who wishes to stay anonymous) to see if the blog’s creation was sparked by binging on a marathon of The Hills or something more innocuous.

“This is what happens when curiosity leads one down the bunny hole of Instagram tags and profile searches for ‘Trump’ and ‘Hilton,’” the blog’s creator reasoned. The blog started last Friday but grabbed people’s attention Tuesday.

Reaction toward it has been unsurprisingly negative since everyone knows it’s not polite to parade around one’s wealth, especially when the economy is down in the dumps.

Many reactions on Twitter can be summed up in one word: ugh. Other users called it “depressing” and a person even mused this will ignite a class warfare.

But RKOI’s creator said they don’t know if the kids’ flaunting of their wealth is particularly bad or if the reality isn’t as seductive or fulfilling as the pictures would have one believe.

“Instagram is for everyone,” they said. “Maybe the filters make it more sexy than it really is.”

RKOI serves as a peek into the world we only see on cable television or from hearing stories from our rich cousins. It’s entertaining to gawk at, but the pictures are enough to get one’s blood-boiling for the kids’ gaudy flaunting of the money they didn’t earn.

“If anything it’s a window into a world where things like private jets, Hermes shopping sprees, and $400 lunches are as normal as a sunrise,” they said.

The blog’s creator said they find the pictures by looking for #rich, #money, and #wealthy tags on Instagram then expanding the search for who they’re following which leads to some “good stuff.”

So what’s earns a picture into the exclusive Tumblr? It’s a mix of fancy sunglasses (no doubt shielding their eyes from the paparazzi), dumb-looking face pouts, and perhaps “a nice watch.”

This picture of a topless Barbie doing cocaine is the worst picture the creator says they’ve found to date, but the picture of these two bros pouring Champagne while wrapped in certainly the finest of towels is truly awful.

We compiled five of the worst pictures on RKOI that would even embarrass Robin Leach.

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