The hottest looks from last night’s GOP debate

Who needs to talk education reform when you're looking fly?

Feb 29, 2020, 10:06 pm*

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Gabe Bergado 

Gabe Bergado

Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate was a certifiable hot mess, and we’re not talking about the constant interruptions or total lack of respect for women.

Nope, it wasn’t what these men had to say on complex topics like immigration and taxes that drew our attention, but rather what they were wearing. With all the money they have, you’d think that there would be a little more pizazz to their duds.

So forget about weighing their résumés and qualifications as they battle for a shot at the presidency: It’s the clothes make the man, right?

Jeb Bush

Fox News

While Jeb might have been gifted a bunch of policy advisors by other members of the Bush clan, that suit is most definitely not a hand-me-down. His glasses also perfectly framed his face, especially when he was visibly frustrated about being second to Donald Trump in the polls.  

Rand Paul

Fox News

Rand’s designer shirt and tie match the Fox News red and Facebook blue right behind him; quite a clever decision for an outfit that tells a story. And we’re all dying to know who did his hair! Whatta stunner. 

Ted Cruz

Fox News

Teddy was the only candidate who went with a striped tie. Bold move. Too bad that boldness didn’t translate into his debate skills last night.

Chris Christie

Fox News

Christie, Christie, Christie. Yes, that green bracelet might be for a good cause but it does not match with your tie choice. We can’t all be worried about philanthropic support—you should look better color-coordinated than a second-grader if you’re going to be on national television. 

Marco Rubio

Fox News

Eyebrows on fleek, baby. And since he wore the same exact outfit as Paul, we have to ask: Who wore it better? 

John Kasich

Fox News

Kasich, going for a typical Ohio look. And he’s had such a glow lately! We’ll have to ask him what skin moisturizer he’s been using.

Ben Carson

Fox News

Honestly, best tie choice out of all the fellows out there tonight. Not only can he operate on brains, he has a brain for fashion. 

Scott Walker 

Fox News

Walker also has some sort of effervescent glow to him. Must be all those lives he saved by cutting funding for Planned Parenthood.  

Mike Huckabee

Fox News

He looks like he’s ready to go to his daughter’s tap dance recital. 

Donald Trump

Fox News

With his purported fortune, you’d think that Trump would look like a million bucks at least. But despite this underwhelming look, his troublesome hair was tamed for the night—luckily for his hairdresser, who would otherwise have heard the Don deliver a trademark “You’re fired!”

Who do you think had the look of the night? Carson with his tie? Rubio with his well-groomed eyebrows? Be sure to tell us on Twitter!

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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*First Published: Aug 7, 2015, 4:22 pm